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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Understanding Sub-accounts


The Sub-accounts feature allows you to maintain a multi-level account structure. Lyve Cloud provisions the master account, and the master account provisions Sub-accounts. These Sub-accounts are managed by and connected to the master account. Each sub-account can provision and manage its own storage, users, and account settings.

Large organizations can use Sub-accounts to support different departments. It can be used by Service Providers to manage their independent implementations or by storage resellers to aggregate the usage of different Sub-customers.


Some items may not be available to some users, depending on the permissions applied by your administrator.

Master Account

Lyve Cloud provisions the master account for an organization. A master account manages the entire lifecycle of its Sub-accounts, including creating, disabling, and deleting a Sub-account. The master account has the details for each Sub-accounts usage and is responsible for billing all its Sub-accounts. The master account can create a limited number of Sub-accounts. The administrator can request to increase the limit by contacting support at For more information, see Creating a support ticket.

The master account can view all Sub-account statistics on the dashboard, and this helps the organization identify its own and its customer's sub-accounts.

The following image displays the dashboard of the master account.


The master account can view a list of all Sub-accounts. When the master account administrator selects a Sub-account name, it displays the Sub-account dashboard. For more information, see Understanding sub-account dashboard.

Using Support

Reseller's sub-accounts can create and manage support tickets through the Lyve Cloud console, while managed service providers (MSPs) are responsible for creating and managing support tickets for their sub-accounts. While creating a support ticket, you must include the organization name, phone number to contact and details concerning the issue. To create a support ticket, see Creating a support ticket.

If you do not have a support option available, please contact your administrator with the required details of the issue.