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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Login issue

Experiencing issues logging into Lyve Cloud? Are you unable to reach the console login page or having issues loading the page that is preventing you from logging in? Are you having trouble reaching your S3 buckets?

Problems accessing the Lyve Cloud login page or your S3 buckets are usually caused by two issues:

  1. The Lyve Cloud IP addresses are blocked by your organization’s router or firewall.

  2. Certain services used by Lyve Cloud to enable secure login are blocked by your organization’s firewall rules or your router’s access control list.


  1. Ensure Lyve Cloud domains are allowed.

    Make sure the following URLs are added to the allow list of your firewall:

    • Lyve Cloud domains:

      Lyve Cloud Console URL <account_ID>







    • Additional content for authentication:

      Lyve Cloud Console

      Documentation Portal

      Lyve Cloud Status



  2. Verify Port 443 access to the domains listed in step 1.

    Check to verify that Port 443 is not blocked by your router or firewall. If the port is blocked, consult your IT department to enable access.

  3. Reload the Lyve Cloud page to verify changes made in steps 1 and 2 are allowing login access.

    If you continue to experience issues logging into Lyve Cloud after confirming access to the port and domains recommended in this document, please contact your Seagate Customer Success Manager for further assistance.