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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Lyve Cloud with Commvault

This guide will teach you how to install and deploy Lyve Cloud with Commvault.

  • A Lyve Cloud Storage Account

    • Create a permission with All Operations

Configuration Overview

The configuration for Lyve Cloud with the Commvault is as follows:

  1. Configure a Lyve Cloud Storage Account. For more information, see Provisioning storage buckets.

  2. Install Commvault from the Commvault Store. Use the Commvault Express 11.24 media kit for installation.

  3. Configure Lyve Cloud with Commvault.

Installing Commvault
Procedure. To install Commvault:
  1. Select Create a new CommCell, select Next, and choose All in one.

  2. Review the Installation Path, Index Cache Path, and CommServe Database Installation Path. If no changes are necessary, select Next.

  3. Define the Disaster Recovery Path. Choose Use Local Path, and select the ellipses to choose a local folder to store recovery files.

  4. Advance to review the Installation Summary and proceed to continue the installation.

  5. Select Finish .

Creating a new account
  • In the Commvault Command Center, enter your registered email address and new password, and select Create account.


    Once logged in, you will be directed to the CommCell UI.

Configuring Lyve Cloud with Commvault

Procedure. To configure Lyve Cloud with Commvault
  1. In the CommCell UI, open the Control Panel, and select Credentials Manager.

  2. Select Add to create a user credential.

  3. Enter the following to create Lyve Cloud credentials:

    • Account Type: Select Cloud Account.

    • Cloud vendor type: Select S3 Compatible Storage.

    • Credential name: Enter a name for your Lyve Cloud credential.

    • Access Key ID: Enter the Access Key to your Lyve Cloud bucket. The access key is displayed when you create a new service account in Lyve Cloud. A service account contains bucket credentials for Lyve Cloud to access a bucket.

    • Secret Access Key: Enter the Secret Access Key to your Lyve Cloud bucket. Your secret key is a private key password for authentication to connect a bucket created in Lyve Cloud. The secret key displays when you create a new service account in Lyve Cloud.

  4. Select OK to proceed.

    New credentials are displayed on the Manage user credentials page.

  5. In the CommCell Browser. Open Storage Resources, right-click on Storage Pools, select Add Storage Pool, select Cloud, and then select Cloud Storage.

  6. In the Create New Storage Pool Wizard., enter a storage pool name and select Next.

  7. On the Configure storage dialogue, choose to Create and select the Cloud Storage button to set your cloud storage settings.

  8. In the General tab, enter the following details in the Add Cloud Storage page and select OK to complete:

    • Type: Select S3 Compatible Storage from the list.

    • MediaAgent: Choose your MediaAgent.

    • Service Host: Enter the Lyve Cloud bucket endpoint URL.

    • Credential: Choose your newly created Lyve Cloud credential.

    • Bucket: Select Detect to list all accessible buckets and choose your Lyve Cloud bucket.

  9. Select Next .

  10. In the Enable deduplication on Storage pool dialogue, uncheck Enable Deduplication if you choose to use this feature, and select Next.

  11. Unselect Software Encryption and select Next.

  12. Select Finish to create the Storage Pool.

    The new storage pool is listed under Storage Pools of the CommCell Browser.

How to install and configure Commvault with Lyve Cloud?