Lyve Cloud Documentation

Understanding Global Accounts

Lyve Cloud Global Accounts let customers create buckets in different regions for increased provisioning and data access. For more information, see Creating buckets .

Once you create buckets in different global accounts:

  • The Lyve Cloud console lists all the buckets created for an account. For more information, see Listing buckets.

  • Listing buckets using the S3 API displays the buckets for the region that is specified in the API command.

  • You can copy objects between different Lyve Cloud regions using S3 API commands.

To access data from buckets created in different global regions:

  • Make direct requests to one of the Lyve Cloud S3 API endpoints. For more information on S3 access points, see S3 API endpoint.


  • Lyve Cloud does not provide an S3 API global endpoint to access data across different global accounts. You must use the region specific endpoint to provision storage.