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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Console high-level workflow

This section explains the console workflow as determined by user roles. For more information on your assigned role, see About user roles.

There are three roles available in Lyve Cloud: 

  • Administrator

  • Storage Administrator

  • Auditor

Administrators workflow (Admin role)

Administrators can perform all actions available in the Lyve Cloud console.

  1. Once you sign in to the Lyve Cloud console, a dashboard is displayed. The dashboard shows details of buckets and usage-related information. For more information, see Understanding the home page dashboard.

  2. To manage Lyve Cloud storage:

    1. Storage is managed and provisioned in buckets. For more information, see Creating buckets.

    2. Once you create a  bucket, you must assign it Permissions, and define what operations are allowed for buckets. See Creating bucket access permissions.

    3. After you assign permissions to a bucket, create a service account. Service accounts are used by applications to authenticate API calls accessing the bucket. For more information, see Creating service accounts.

  3. Use Identity and Access Management (IAM) features to secure access to your Lyve Cloud account. For more information, see Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Storage management workflow (Storage Admin role)

The storage admin user can perform all the storage operations as an Admin role user in Lyve Cloud including managing buckets, managing permissions, and creating service accounts. The storage admin user is restricted from altering settings for Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Lyve Cloud account billing.

Auditor workflow

Users with the Auditor role have read only access throughout the Lyve Cloud console, and are not permitted to perform any storage operations or alter settings.