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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Release 5.3

January 15, 2022

What's new?

This section describes new Lyve Cloud features and enhancements that are available in the latest release.

  • A new Start Here panel located on the right side of the Header pane is available for quick access to basic tasks, training videos, and other helpful resources to get started with Lyve Cloud.

  • Global Account Management allows customers to create buckets in two different regions or create service accounts to access buckets in different regions. Currently, there are two regions called California (us-west-1) and Virginia (us-east-1). This provides simplified management of multiple regions on Lyve Cloud console and the ability to increase redundancy and availability. For more information see Understanding Global Accounts.

  • We are introducing a Marketplace that provides more information about partner solutions, including Backup and Recovery, Surveillance and Compute that are certified with Lyve Cloud.

  • Billing features:

    • View the estimated bill for next month’s payment cycle. For more information see Understanding the home page dashboard.

    • View and download average storage use reports from the previous months or years since the beginning of account creation. For more information see General Reports.

    • See the Billing tab recently added to the main navigation to track and download invoices.

  • Compliance Mode has now been renamed to Object Immutability. For more information, see Using object immutability.

  • Instant copy functionality of the S3 endpoint from the bucket details page. For more information, see Supported S3 API Calls.

  • Support for S3 Select capability, which allows the retrieval of a subset of data from an object and can improve data transfer efficiency.

Release Features Overview video