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Lyve Cloud Documentation



How can I contact Support?


There are two ways to contact Lyve Cloud Support.

  1. Create a support ticket from the Lyve Cloud console. For more information see, Creating a support ticket.

  2. Email


What can I expect after a support ticket is raised or an email is sent?



Once you submit a ticket, you will get an auto-generated email from that includes your ticket number.   

Your ticket is added to a queue and is processed in the order that it is received. However, support times do vary depending on issue severity. 

If you need to contact support for any reason regarding your ticket, you can reply to the auto-generated email, or you can leave a comment in the portal under your ticket details.


We will use reasonable efforts to provide a workaround within 24 hours. Afterwards, we will do a root cause analysis and fix the issue to ensure it does not occur again.  


Lyve Cloud uses an internal escalation process to ensure tickets are resolved quickly and that they receive the right technical expertise.  Following this process, there may be cases where customers learn their ticket has been escalated to another part of the support organization.  


When the ticket is resolved, our support team will send out a post-support survey to assess the effectiveness of our support program. Your feedback is highly valuable to us.


What details are required when contacting support through email?


When emailing support, you must include as much information as possible. Please include the following in your request:

  • Your account ID. It can be found on your Lyve Cloud URL - <account_id>

  • Summary and description of the issue you are experiencing

  • Environment (i.e. us-east-1 (Virginia), us-west-1 (California), ap-southeast-1 (Singapore), etc.)

  • URL Link  (S3 API endpoints)

  • Attachment with an error screen, if any


When can I contact Lyve Cloud Support?


Lyve Cloud support teams are staffed around the globe, working 24/7, 365 days a year.


When will the support team contact me after I create a support ticket?


A new ticket will trigger an auto-response acknowledgement that you will receive within 30 minutes. Our support team will revert you within 4 hours. Seagate will use reasonable efforts to provide a workaround within 24 hours. Later, we will do a root cause analysis and fix the issue to ensure it does not occur again.


Where to find help?


Before contacting support, it may be quick and convenient to find the information you need in our documentation. The Lyve Cloud Documentation provides several resources to answer your questions. Resources include our Quick Start Guide, Video tutorials, Connecting to S3 clients, Known Issues, FAQs, and much more.