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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Release 5.7

February 03, 2023

What's new?

This section describes new Lyve Cloud features and enhancements in this release.


Registering for Lyve Cloud using a credit card, AKA Lyve Cloud Self-Service

Customers can use a credit card to use Lyve Cloud Self-Service and register for a Lyve Cloud account. The account is charged based on their usage. The invoice is generated, and the credit card is charged on the first of every month for the previous month’s actual usage.

Registration Process

During registration, the customer completes a form using the following link:

The requested information from the customer includes

  • Account Information

  • Contact Information

  • Billing Information

  • Payment details

For more information, see Registering Lyve Cloud using a credit card.

Credit Card Authorization

The customer specifies payment information while registering for Lyve Cloud, and the credit card is authorized.

Trial Period

Customers are offered a free 30-day trial. Customers are charged a pro-rated fee for the calendar month in which the trial ends. The pro-rated fee is based on the number of days the account is active, between the day after the trial ends and the end of the month.

Billing and Charging

Customers are committing to a minimum usage of 250TB monthly, and the bill for a full month of use is 250 TB/month * $9 / TB = $2,250/month.

  • if actual usage <= 250 TB, the customer is charged for 250TB

  • if actual usage > 250 TB, the customer is charged for actual usage multiplied by $9

The customer bill generates, and the credit card is charged for the previous month's usage on the first day of every month.

For more information, see Understanding billing for customers signing up with Credit Card and Calculating Payment.

Cancelling the Lyve Cloud account
  • Accounts are closed immediately, and the customer is not charged if an account is cancelled within the trial period.

  • Customers are charged based on the number of days of usage if the account is cancelled after the trial period ends.

For more information, see Cancel Lyve Cloud service.