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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Release 5.6

January 15, 2023

What's new?

This section describes the new Lyve Cloud features in this release.


  • Lyve Cloud Account API is a set of methods for Lyve Cloud programmatic management. It can be accessed via The account API credentials can be generated only by account administrators. For more information, see Using Account API.

    The APIs provide programmatic access to the Lyve Cloud to perform administrative tasks. The API uses a JSON structure and may include Boolean, Number, and String data types. The following are included in this initial release.

    • Authentication: It authenticates to the service and manages the session token.

    • Permission: It allows access control for the buckets.

    • Service Account: It allows control for S3 API credentials.

    • Usage: It provides information about the account's storage usage.

    For more information, see Lyve Cloud Account API.