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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Provisioning storage buckets

This section explains the step-by-step procedure for provisioning storage buckets in Lyve Cloud.

Step 1: Creating buckets

First, create a bucket to add data.

Procedure. To create a bucket
  1. On the left-hand menu, select Buckets, then select Create Bucket.

  2. Enter the Bucket Name and Region and select Create.

    Optionally, enable Object Immutability.

  3. After the bucket is created, it is listed on the Buckets page. For more information, see Managing buckets.

Step 2: Creating bucket permissions

Next, create and apply permissions to at least one bucket. Permissions define the type of operations that applications perform on the bucket: Read, Write, or All Operations (read, write, delete, and list).

Procedure. To create bucket permissions:
  1. On the left-hand menu, select Permissions, then select Create Bucket Permission.

  2. On the Create Bucket Permission dialog:

    • Name: Enter the name for permission. Permission names can contain any alphanumeric characters, dashes (“-“), underscores (“_”), or spaces.

    • Select one from the following: Which buckets does this permission apply to?

      • One or more existing buckets

      • All buckets in this account with a prefix

      • All buckets in this account

    • Select Actions to assign privileges as All Operations, Read only, Write only

    • Select Create to save the permission for a bucket.


      The Description of the permission assigned to the buckets is displayed.

    • Alternatively, you may import policy permission files to create new permissions. See Using policy permission files.

For more information on buckets, see Managing bucket access permissions.

Step 3: Creating service accounts

Finally, after creating permissions for a bucket, create a service account to allow applications to authenticate and use these permissions. Applications use service account credentials in API calls to access buckets to add and delete data.

Procedure. To create a service account:
  1. On the left-hand menu, select Service Accounts, then Create Service Account.

  2. Enter the Service Account Name, then select applicable  Permissions from the available list.

  3. Select Create. A confirmation displays the access key and secret key required to access the bucket.

  4. Copy these account credentials or download them in CSV or JSON format before you close the dialog.


    The access key and secret key cannot be retrieved later.

For more information on service accounts, see Managing service accounts.