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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Console session management

The user login session management increases the strength and security of the Lyve Cloud session. To provide more secure access, non-persistent sessions invalidate a Lyve Cloud console session cookie when the browser is closed.

By default, a user session timeout is 24 hours. Users are not required to log in with their credentials for up to 24 hours only if the Lyve Cloud session is active. The session is active after successful authentication by the user. The Lyve Cloud console automatically signs out the user after 24 hours.

When users close and re-open the browser, they get a prompt for re-authentication.

In summary, the Lyve Cloud console requires re-authentication in the following cases:

  • When you sign out of the Lyve Cloud session

  • The browser is closed without any active session, or the active Lyve Cloud tab is closed.

  • The authenticated session is more than 24 hours.

The Lyve Cloud console session remains active in the following cases:

  • At least one Lyve Cloud active session is open, and the authentication session is less than 24 hours.