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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Release 5.5

October 12, 2022

What's new?

This section describes new Lyve Cloud features and enhancements in this release.

  • Lyve Cloud Compute by Zadara allows users to rent virtual servers on which to run their own applications adjacent to Lyve Cloud S3-compatible storage. It provides a web service through which a user can create a virtual machine image and boot a virtual machine. Users can create, launch, and terminate instances as needed, paying for active servers. Lyve Cloud Compute also provides control over autoscaling groups, virtual private networks, block storage and other related resources. It can be managed using a reach UI, as well as CLI and EC2-compatible API.

    For more information, see Lyve Cloud Compute.Lyve Cloud Compute

  • Lyve Cloud Analytics by Iguazio is a production-centric data analytics solution that accelerates data engineering, data science, and data governance, all while encouraging development and machine learning operations best practices. This architecture is built on a foundation of data storage, computing, monitoring, and security. The platform's tight integration provides users with a unified approach that reduces the technical debt associated with modern analytic and machine learning systems.

    For more information, see Lyve Cloud Analytics.Lyve Cloud Analytics