Lyve Cloud Documentation

Using the Partner Portal

The Partner Portal includes three panes: Header pane, Left menu, and Main view.  The following image displays the three panes in the Lyve Cloud console.


Header Pane

This area displays the Lyve Cloud logo in the top left corner. Select the Lyve Cloud logo to return to the dashboard. The Start Here button, help link, username and icon are displayed at the top right corner of the header pane. Open the Start Here window to find QuickStart resources. View our documentation and training videos under Help.

To exit Lyve Cloud, select the username and then select Logout.

  • Left Menu: The left menu is organized as follows:

    • Home Page: Default display of Lyve Cloud. Shows user info, data, and usage rates and more.

    • Customers: Allows you to add and manage customers.

    • Identify & Access: Lets you create and manage your Identity and Access Management (IAM) environment.

      • Users: Allows you to create users and set user roles.

      • MFA: Allows you to add an additional factor to the login transaction to prevent unauthorized access.

      • Federated Login: Allows you to enable a federated single sign-on (SSO) from your organization's identity provider (IdP).

      • Notification Recipients: Allows you to add recipients to receive service and other important Lyve Cloud notifications via email.

  • Your Account

    • Support: Allows you to open new support tickets for any issues related to Lyve Cloud services.


      The non-administrator roles only see a subset of these options.

  • Main View: Displays the information corresponding to the left menu item selected.