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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Secure Design

The Lyve Cloud service runs on a hardened infrastructure that aligns to industry standards such as those set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). During design, the Lyve Cloud team reviewed best practices across leading standards and benchmarks to establish best-in-class hardening guidelines for the entire hardware and software stack.  

System and infrastructure deployments are handled through automated configuration management tools to ensure continued compliance with desired state and hardening standards. This capability allows for consistent configurations and security while providing the ability to scale the service rapidly.  

Architecturally, the Lyve Cloud service was designed with massive-scale multitenancy in mind from the get-go. Stringent network segmentation and service/process isolation architecture provide multiple layers of security controls. Highly available and resilient infrastructure supports customers’ tenant-isolated components, such as the application programming interface (API) gateway, key management, encryption, and the core object storage.  

Beginning with the initial design and throughout the duration of testing and implementation, Lyve Cloud partnered with a leading security consulting group. Extensive review of the design and controls were carried out, which culminated in thorough white-box, black-box, and grey-box penetration testing of the service—leaving no stone unturned.