Lyve Cloud Documentation


  • An object name same as the prefix is not supported.

    For example, Object with the name /A/B, where A is a prefix and B is the object name and another object with the name: /A is not supported.

  • The S3 API list_multipart_uploads command does not support using a bucket name.

  • The S3 API list-buckets command does not list the bucket Owner DisplayName.

  • The S3 API API list-objects-v2 command displays the Owner information even if --fetch-owner parameter is not set to true.

  • On successful execution, the S3 API PutObjectRetention command returns an HTTP 204 message instead of HTTP 200.

  • The S3 API HeadObject command returns incorrect HTTP code if an object does not exist.

  • The S3 API list-objects-v2 returns Key Count as 0 instead of 1 when the prefix does not have an objects.

  • Using  “/” (slash) as a prefix to the source bucket during UploadPart operation returns a 403 error.

  • The S3 API UploadPartCopy returns a 403 error when a / (slash) is added as a prefix to the source bucket.

    For example, to copy the object logs/january.txt from bucket bucket1, use the header as x-amz-copy-source path: bucket1/logs/january.txt, instead of the x-amz-copy-source path: /bucket1/logs/january.txt.