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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Registering Lyve Cloud using a credit card

You can register for Lyve Cloud's storage services with a credit card. Once the credit card is authorized, a Lyve Cloud account is created to use all the services. For more information about Lyve Cloud services, see Product Features. Once you register, you are committed to pay for a minimum usage of 250TB per month at $9 per TB.

Lyve Cloud offers a 30-day trial starting on the day of registration. The trial period allows new users to experience Lyve Cloud services and store data at no cost. After the trial period, your credit card is charged on the first of every month based on the previous month’s usage. The charge for the first month is prorated based on the trial end date. For more information, see Understanding first-month charges.


Currently, only US-based customers can register with Lyve Cloud using a credit card.

Procedure. To register Lyve Cloud using a credit card:
  1. Go to to register.

  2. Enter the account, contact, and billing information, and then confirm the purchase.

    • Account Information

      • Company name: Enter the name of the company.

      • Account ID: Enter the Account ID. A unique URL is created from your account ID to form the account's URL in the following format: https://<account_ID> For more information, see Understanding Account ID.

      • Email: Enter the email address to receive communications and notifications from Lyve Cloud. For example, Lyve Cloud sends an email notification after successful registration and account creation.

      • Confirm Email: Re-enter the email address to confirm.

      • First Name: Enter the first name.

      • Last Name: Enter the last name.

    • Contact Information

      • Enter the Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country/Region, and Phone Number and select Next: Billing Information.

        You must select to open the Lyve Cloud Services Online Ordering Agreement, only then the check box to select the terms and conditions is enabled. Select the check box to proceed.


      After you select Billing Information, you will receive a confirmation code at the email address mentioned in the Account Information. To verify the email address enter the confirmation code and then are directed to the Billing information page.

    • Billing Information

      • The Billing information displays the following information:

        • Trial start date

        • Billing date

        • Estimated charge on the billing date

        • Estimated charge and rate per TB

        Review the details and select Add Credit Card Details.

      • Add Payment Details such as Card Type, Card Number, Expiration Month and Expiration Year.

  3. Review the order by verifying the billing address and payment details and select Authorize.


    After the payment is authorized, you will receive an email notification showing your successful registration.


    Once the Lyve Cloud account is created, a welcome email notification is sent that consists of the account details to sign in to the Lyve Cloud console


After the Lyve Cloud account is created you will receive a welcome email notification containing the account details to sign in to the Lyve Cloud console.

For more information on how to use Lyve Cloud, see Quick Start Guide.