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Managing support tickets

If you experience a problem with Lyve Cloud, use the Support page to create a support ticket. Please provide detailed information in the Subject and Description fields, and attach any relevant references for the support team. Detailed information helps us provide a more efficient and effective resolution, as the ticket response time is based on its severity level.

Each support ticket is assigned a unique number. Use this ticket number to track the progress of the reported issue, and update the support ticket by adding a comment. Comments and resolutions are recorded in each ticket.

You can also send an email to to report an issue. A support ticket is opened based on the issue reported in the email.

The support team reviews ticket details and updates the ticket status.

  • New: This status is assigned immediately when a ticket is created, and work is not yet started.

  • In Progress: This status indicates that the ticket is under review, and a support engineer is investigating the issue.

After the ticket is updated, you will receive an email notification containing the ticket number, subject, and changes made. You will also receive an email notification when a new ticket is opened, updated, resolved, and closed.

The Support page lists the number of New and In Progress tickets.


Customers of a partner must report Lyve Cloud related issues to its partner.  If you purchase Lyve Cloud through a reseller or partner, you will not have direct access to support. Please contact your reseller with all support queries.

Role-based access for the support page

The following table describes access to the Support page features based on the admin role.



Customer Manager

Auditor (Read only)

Create ticket


Edit ticket


View ticket

Add Comments


View Comments

Creating a ticket


A partner can open and manage support tickets with Lyve Cloud for its customer.

To create a ticket:

  1. On the left-hand menu, select Support.

  2. On the Support page, select Create New Ticket.

  3. In the Create New Ticket dialog, enter the following:

    • Subject: Enter a subject for the support ticket. This is a mandatory field.

    • Description: Enter the ticket details. This is an optional field that allows you to describe the problem summary.

    • Reported By: Select the customer name who is facing the issue.

    • Attachments: Add documents that provide more details about the issue. The file size must not exceed 4 MB. Select Upload and choose the file from the desired location to upload an attachment, then select Open.

      After the file is uploaded, it is listed under Attachments. To remove the attachment, select the x to the right of the file name.

  4. Select Create.

The new ticket displays in the ticket listing table.


Once a ticket is saved, attachments cannot be deleted from it.

Editing a ticket

You can edit New and In Progress tickets. Editing a ticket allows you to edit or add to the problem summary, description, customer name, and attachments.

To edit a ticket:

  1. On the left-hand menu, select Support.

  2. In the ticket listing table, select a Ticket number to edit your ticket.

  3. On the Details pane, select Edit.

  4. Edit any of the following fields:

    • Subject

    • Description

    • Attachments: You can add new attachments, but you cannot delete attachments that were previously added.

    • Add New Comment

      1. To add comments, select Add New Comment.

      2. Enter a comment and select Add.

  5. Select Save.

Viewing ticket details

To view a ticket:

  1. On the left-hand menu, select Support.

  2. On the Support page, select the ticket number to view its details.

How to contact Lyve Cloud support