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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Managing payment method

Procedure. To manage payment methods:
  1. On the left-hand menu, select Billing.

  2. Select Manage payment, and in the Payment Details section, update the card information and select Next.

  3. Note

    Lyve Cloud accepts credit cards with a billing address within the United States.

  4. Review the Billing Address and Payment Details and click Finish.

The following image displays the payment details fields :


To avoid service interruptions, an email notification is sent to update the payment method if:

  • The credit card expiry date is near.

  • Credit card payment has failed.

  • Credit card payment is declined because of card expiry, insufficient funds, or card number change.


    If the credit card payment fails:

    • An email notification is sent on the first day of the month, a reminder is sent after seven days if the credit card details are not updated. The account is suspended at the end of the month if the details are still not updated in the system.

    • Data is stored in Lyve Cloud for 90 days after an account is suspended.