Lyve Cloud Documentation

Managing customers

The following sections show how to create and manage customers in Lyve Cloud.

Creating a new customer
Procedure. To create a customer:
  1. On the left-hand menu, select Customers.

  2. On the Customers page, select Create Customers.

  3. In the Create Customer dialog box, enter the following and select Create.

    • Organization Name - may contain any lowercase letter, number, or dash "-"; must be between 3-63 characters in total.

    • First Name: The customer's given name(s)

    • Last Name: The customer's last name

    • Email - The customer's email address


The newly-created customer name is listed on the customer's page, and they are sent an invitation to confirm their email address and access their Lyve Cloud storage.

Once the customer is created in Lyve Cloud:

  1. The customer receives an email invitation. The customer must register in Lyve Cloud by the security method (only Password or Multi-Factor Authentication). If the customer doesn't select the link within 72 hours, they should select the Forgot Password link to reset the Lyve Cloud account password.

  2. The customer must notify the partner about any technical issues. The partner then raises a support ticket on behalf of the customer. For more information, see Managing support tickets.

Enabling or disabling a customer

Once a customer is created, you can enable or disable their access to Lyve Cloud. If enabled or disabled customers are notified of their status change.

To disable or enable a customer:

  1. On the left-hand menu, select Customers.

  2. On the Customers page, find the customer you want to enable/disable.

  3. Select the ellipsis (...) in the rightmost column of the customer's row, and select Disable or Enable.

  4. Select Yes in the confirmation to change the status.

The customer's page displays the changed status of the customer.