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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Lyve Cloud Compute

The Lyve Cloud Compute by Zadara allows you to subscribe to virtual servers and run their applications adjacent to Lyve Cloud S3-compatible storage. Compute provides a web service through which you can create a virtual machine image and boot a virtual machine. It allows you to develop, deploy, virtualize and terminate instances as needed and pay for active servers. Compute also controls autoscaling groups, virtual private networks, block storage and other related resources. You can manage Compute by UI, CLI and EC2-compatible API.

Benefits of using Lyve Cloud Compute

  • Flexible: Infrastructure-as-a-service solution provides a user-friendly interface for all computing operations

  • Predictable pricing: Pay-as-you-go and 100% Opex Pricing

  • Elastic scalability: Autoscaling allocates resources as needed

  • Made for multi-cloud

  • High-quality service and support

  • Integration with Lyve Cloud Storage service

  • Secure

  • High availability