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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Lyve Cloud Analytics

Lyve Cloud Analytics by Iguazio is an end-to-end managed platform that enables you to unlock the full potential of your data while reducing your storage, computing, and analytics operations TCO by 40%. It is a highly scalable and secure platform that provides you with open-source industry standard tools and resources necessary to compete in the complex and dynamic analytics environment we find ourselves in today.

Lyve Cloud Analytics is a production-centric data analytics solution that accelerates data engineering, data science, and data governance, all while encouraging data ops and machine learning operations best practices. This architecture is built on a foundation of data storage, computing, monitoring, and security. The platform's tight integration provides users with a unified approach that reduces the technical debt associated with modern analytic and machine learning systems.

Features of Lyve Cloud Analytics

  • Data Storage and Compute: Cost-effective data storage and state-of-the-art computing resources.

  • Data Operations: Solutions for batch or real-time data flow and management using centralized or distributed processing.

  • Machine Learning Operations: Machine learning experiment tracking and governance with simplified deployment and monitoring.

  • Analytics Accelerators: Pre-built models and templates emphasizing deployment to expedite the machine learning lifecycle.

The following diagram helps to visualize the different features of the platform as well as the relevant open-sourced technologies that it is comprised of.