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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Cancel Lyve Cloud service

Lyve Cloud customers can close their own account, but Lyve Cloud cannot cancel the account on your behalf. If Lyve Cloud services are cancelled before the trial period ends, the account is not charged.

If you have any questions, contact Lyve Cloud support for help. Before you close an account with Lyve Cloud, consider the following:

  • Data is kept in Lyve Cloud for 90 days after the cancellation date. This data is cleaned with no traces after this duration.

  • You can re-enable the account within 30 days. Contact Lyve Cloud support at

  • If the account is cancelled within the¬†trial period, the account is closed immediately. If the account is cancelled after the trial period, the account is closed at 00:00 hrs when the date changes,

For more information about the charging after account cancellation, see Charging for a cancelled account.

Procedure. To cancel Lyve Cloud service:
  1. On the left-hand menu, select Billing.

  2. Select Manage Payment Method ellipses and then select Cancel Lyve Cloud Subscription.

  3. Enter the Account ID to confirm the cancellation.

An email notification is sent once you confirm the Lyve Cloud subscription cancellation, and the cancellation banner on the console is displayed until the account is cancelled.