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Lyve Cloud Documentation

Availability and Service Status


The Lyve Cloud availability in the following image shows the calculated service availability for the month.


Lyve Cloud service availability is calculated by subtracting the error rate from 100% within a five-minute interval. If a customer does not make any requests in a given 5-minute interval, that interval is assumed to have an error rate of 0%.

The error rate is the total number of errors returned, divided by the total number of requests during that 5-minute interval.

Error rate = number of errors ÷ number of request

Availability = 100% - error rate

Service Status

The status of the Lyve Cloud service is available on the Support page of the Lyve Cloud console. Selecting the service status will show information about any recent service incidents, scheduled maintenance, and the current status of Lyve Cloud.  It displays the Lyve Cloud's storage services by the data center.

The following image displays the service status page